• Lord's Prayer Collection

    A Way to Express Your Faith

    Inspired by this profound expression of faith, the lord's prayer collection offers various ways for believers to showcase their devotion through items such as Lord's Prayer Necklace, Lord's Prayer Ring, Lord's Prayer Tshirts, and Lord's Prayer Sweatshirt.

  • Salt & Light Collection

    Being the light of the world means shining brightly amidst darkness - being beacons of truth and righteousness in a world filled with moral confusion and spiritual darkness. Our lives should reflect Christ's love and transformative power, drawing others towards him. To be effective as light requires courage - standing up for what is right even when it is unpopular or goes against prevailing culture.

  • In Your Name Amen Collection

    Praying in Jesus' name is not a mere formula or ritual; it is a heartfelt expression of faith and dependence on Him. It serves as an invitation for believers to experience the transformative power of prayer and witness God's unwavering faithfulness in their lives. When believers pray in His name and end the prayer with an amen, they open themselves up to a deeper intimacy with God and invite His divine intervention into their circumstances.


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